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Job Description:

Netflix’s business has evolved rapidly into exciting new ways of producing and delivering engaging global content for an incredibly diverse, 200M+ strong audience. Much of the software that supports our business runs on top of the Java Virtual Machine. In fact, Netflix runs hundreds of mission-critical applications and services on thousands of JVMs. In order to support and sustain the growth and innovation driving the content and services our customers depend on, we need to ship a reliable, efficient, and state-of-the-art runtime for the programming languages used by Netflix’s software engineers.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Netflix Platform Engineering is expanding our current scope, support, and tooling for the JVM. You will partner with Netflix engineers, JVM vendors, and the Java & JVM community-at-large to identify and deliver the best runtime solutions, tooling, and support for Netflix and it’s software developers. You will be directly responsible for the lifecycle and upgrade paths for the JVM at Netflix. You will be responsible for core JVM support and will partner with our SRE and Performance Engineering teams to ensure a consistent approach to JVM reliability and performance. You will help identify strategic investments in the JVM and related technologies to support the technical direction of the Netflix Java/JVM application stack.

Job Requirements:

  • Strong understanding of garbage collection and memory management within the JVM.
  • Active member of the larger Java & JVM (OpenJDK and others) community (mailing lists, JEP discussions, etc.)
  • Familiarity with the Java/JVM release cadence and support tiers.
  • Strong understanding of Java Virtual Machine (JVM) performance analysis and tuning.
  • Familiarity with Java/JVM build & dependency management systems (e.g. Gradle, SBT, Bazel, Maven, Pants, etc.)
  • OpenJDK member/contributor status

Qualification & Experience:

  • Experience with non-Java JVM languages (e.g. Scala, Kotlin, etc.)
  • Experience delivering reliable and timely major & minor JVM releases to a customer base with hundreds of different application profiles.
  • Experience with GraalVM and related technologies
  • Experience supporting developers with the configuration, tuning, and debugging of applications and services running on the JVM.

Job Details:

Company: Netflix

Vacancy Type: Full Time

Job Location: San Francisco, CA, US

Application Deadline: N/A

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